Episode 7 – “Speak Of The Devil”

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IncubusThe 7th episode is called “Speak Of The Devil” from CBS Radio Mystery Theater. “Speak Of The Devil” involves a husband and his young wife who are persuaded into partaking in an eerie séance. We soon find our newlyweds haunted by a malevolent entity, a sinister death, and a strange pregnancy. Also, stay tuned to hear my summary of “Speak Of The Devil”!

Episode 6 – Rendezvous With Satan

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Rendezvous With SatanHappy New Year! The 6th episode is called “Rendezvous With Satan” from Dark Fantasy. In this episode we first find a group of people mourning over a casket. Seconds later we find our main character in a direct conversation with the devil. Can he make a bargain with Satan and get himself out of Hades? Also hear my third side perspective and conclusion of “Rendezvous ...

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