Episode 16 – “A Sacrifice in Blood” with Brandy

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The 16th episode is called “A Sacrifice in Blood” from CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

“A Sacrifice in Blood” involves a married couple of adventurous archaeologists. Her husband is in hot pursuit of a prized possession in the Peruvian Mountains. He is looking for the renowned antechamber of a long, lost, pre-Celtic civilization!

The prized findings of the expedition could either make him rich beyond measure or cause him to go insane!

What will become of the Stamplers?

Stop by Satanic Story Time and hear for ...

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Episode 15 – “The War of the Worlds” with Special Guest – Sepp Salerno

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War of the Worlds Image for EP 15Satanic Story Time’s 15th episode, “The War of the Worlds” with Special Guest, Sepp Salerno, is now available for download via iTunes Podcasts and at www.satanicstorytime.com. Sepp Salerno, a.k.a.: Blockhäuser has joined me for an interview on Satanic Story Time. In our interview, we talked about how he first found Satanism, the concept ...

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