Satanic Story Time is a podcast which covers a wide variety of short story horror classics with a satanic slant.

Satan is often viewed as the adversary in many of the stories typically presented throughout literature’s rich history.

However, the stories presented in this podcast show many authors’ unique perspectives of the infamous figure of Satan in more than just the stereotypical light.

Some authors have portrayed Satan as the protagonist of any number of societal situations often mirroring our own. Some authors have portrayed the figure of Satan as an advocate of necessary change to an existence akin to self-masochism. Other authors have portrayed the figure of Satan as an enemy of Judeo Christian ideology.

We will explore all of the many faces and facets of the fascinating figure of Satan.

Additionally, some of the greatest authors in literature’s history have hinted around about a dark force or figure that affects either the continuance of the race or total destruction and chaos.

We here at Satanic Story Time endeavor to read stories from all of these different types of authors and offer their devilish machinations.